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Mambo UD team! JamiiOLPC is another OLPCorps team proposing to deploy in Tanzania (Matemwe, Zanzibar), and we just wanted to say hello :) Perhaps once we're both further on in the planning process, we can collaborate and share notes/ideas! For a some info on our proposal, you can visit our wiki page or website. Good luck with the rest of your planning, and we hope to speak with you soon! --Sburton 00:55, 20 March 2009 (UTC) Jamii OLPC Project Coordinator & Political Lead

Hi UD Team,

I enjoyed reading your proposal. After reading through it, I have some questions and feedback which might help as you refine your proposal.

1. Are there any issues which might prevent students from attending after-school and Saturday sessions? Do the children spend significant time on household chores or other activities? Will travel distances prevent them from coming on Saturday or being able to stay after school? 2. How many students are at the local school? How will you allocate laptops among these children? 3. How exactly do you plan on generating revenue with the XOs through community internet use? Will this take away from the students' ability to use the XOs, especially given the fact that you've expressed interest in more than 100 laptops? 4. Any update on getting internet access to the school? 5. It would be helpful to expand on the learning aspect of the project. 6. The partnerships and fundraising through project promotion sites seem fascinating!

I hope these suggestions/questions help. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.

--Bryan S., OLPCorps Team

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