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what is meant by "Alphabetization"? it struck me as a mistranslation of what in most romance languages actually means "literacy"... or is it referring to use of different alphabets?

In many romance languages a word similar to analphabetism means illiteracy. Therefore, I think your extrapolation is correct.

Other items for the diversity matrix?

I had been giving some thought to some aspects that might be worthwhile for the diversity matrix.

  • Class/School size & diversity (multiple grades, elementary->high school; student population)
  • Teacher density and/or teacher:student ratios
  • School/class/student GPA (grade point average) ('could' be used as a before-after metric... I know, exams aren't an efficient scholar measurement)
  • Population density (i.e.: rural, semi, urban)
  • Income level (neighborhood, village, etc.) and its homogenity
  • Sibling levels (how many kids of the same 'family' in the same school/class)
  • Dropout and grade repeater levels (maybe also considering the family structure)
  • Parents education level
  • Geographical origin of child & parents—locally born, rural immigrant, province/national immigrant, international immigrant
  • Family structure (single parent, extended family—grandparents, etc.)
  • Delinquency rate (not just the 'official' figures) (a bit un-PC, but nevertheless a reality)
  • Available media: newspapers, radio, TV, (local, regional, national, int'l)
  • Telecommunications availability (phones, faxes, internet)
  • Available library size (and use) either at school or outside

--Xavi 16:13, 9 December 2006 (EST)

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