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The touchpad should have some explicit way to exchange the X and Y axis *and its sign*, perhaps a way related to "Randr" display rotation. So, when the screen is fold in "ebook mode", one could use the thumb to guide the mouse; it is fortunate here that the "ebook mode" does not need a perfect fit of the display over the keyboard. 18:35, 13 February 2008 (EST)

to B2 or not B2 B3

the first paragraph says something like B2 and bfour will not autocallibrate... (I don't remember exactly and since I can't view more than one window at a time...) What does that mean? Does it mean the four fingered solute won't work?? Or does it mean that the 4fingS shouldn't be necessary for B3 and beyond?

And what does B2 or B3 refer to???!! Hardware? Software? Firmware? And how do I know if this machine is B[0123s]  ? There should be at least a hyperlink to explain B2 B3.

I just started using this thing, every so often the curser snaps to an edge when I remove my finger from the pad, this is even more annoying because the black frame appears (i would like turn this off, and control display of the frame with only the UR key), I find this web page after about a dozen clicks, and it mentions B2 and B3 and I have little idea of what this means and worse there is no link or explaination.

"The B2 and before touchpads do not auto-calibrate. B3 and beyond will auto-calibrate."

I second the above comment about this sentence. I just came here to write the same thing when I read it and applauded it. The terms B2 and B3 are useless without context to us, the recent recipients of the machine, and add unnecessary vagueness and ambiguity. At least tell us if "B2" and "BTest-2" refer to the same thing. Without the knowledge that they are the same or different, we're not sure what we are reading about. Thanks. AS 2008-10-03

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