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USB2VGA adapter

The links to the pre-compiled kernel extensions: "Kernel module : sisusbvga.ko Xorg server module" are both broken links now. Does anyone know somewhere these can be downloaded from - I really don't fancy recompiling the kernel!

I'd be happy to host them for the good of all if someone can send them to me

USB2VGA - attaching a beamer requires X11 restart?

The instructions on connecting an USB2VGA adapter sound very promising, although I don't have an OLPC yet to actually test them. My main concern would be: Is it possible to dynamically attach this adapter without killing the X11 server to do an instant presentation from a running OLPC?

keyboard and mouse with VNC

Just tried version 2 - worked well for me using "Chicken of the VNC" on an old 400mhz Mac. --Tomhannen 18:25, 15 November 2007 (EST)

Does anybody know how to get mouse & keyboard input to work with VNC? I tried the appropriate server options & client options, but VNC still won't accept mouse/keyboard events. VNC would be great to get to work, because an adult typing on very small keyboard is a big pain (yes, I know external keyboard & ssh, but would rather have vnc)

SSH session glitches

I'm using Sugar tunneled over SSH to a Windows machine, using the Xming X server, and am getting a number of glitches:

  • Fonts are really little.
  • Mouse cursors get cropped a bit.
  • The desktop-in-a-window fills the screen, rather than sizing itself to 1200x900.
  • All activities (including Journal!) terminate when minimized.
  • The frame disappears in Home view when the mouse is moved away from the edge of the screen.

Also, the XO kept its IP address after init 3. (OLPC build 650 on a MP XO-1) Joemck 02:27, 3 January 2008 (EST)

VNC options ordering

x11vnc is so much simpler to install/set up, not having to deal with passwords. I think it should be the first VNC software option given, and RealVNC only listed as an alternate for those who care about password protection. Opinions? Sarah Elkins 20:17, 7 February 2008 (EST)

You are right. I made the swap. I am also thinking, why not make a bundle out of x11vnc? It'd make it really easy to install and the bundle could also grab and display the IP address so people don't have to go to the command line to run ifconfig. --Walter 18:12, 19 March 2008 (EDT)

Use wireless LCD projector

A lot of the people asking for this at the moment are in reasonably affluent settings, let's be realistic, the bulbs on these things can run $300 - $400, so buying a wireless LCD projector is not out of the question for some and perhaps it should be mentioned as an option for those who have money, but no soldering iron. for example

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