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CTRL Key Code

can someone please tell me the key code for the CTRL button.. ran diag and my CTRL key is whacked as well. I looked on the key page but couldn't find CTRL (or A,B,C....)

Take a look at this thread; you should be able to find the key code using xbindkeys -mk. -- Ace NoOne 04:25, 30 January 2008 (EST)
xev should do that --dennisn

Sticky keyboard repair

This section has been recently edited to note that cleaning the keyboard won't work. I want to point out that I have personally worked with 3 XO users that have solved their keyboard sticking by performing this procedure. In addition to cleaning the contacts under the membrane, we have also inserted some circles of thin rubber around the CTRL key to increase the rebounding of the contacts.

The note is correct that you do take the chance of damaging the keyboard but if you are out of warranty, you have no other choice as keyboards are STILL not available for purchase. Either way the keyboard isn't working. Alc 16:16, 20 April 2008 (EDT)


Could you elaborate on the thin rubber circle fix? I understand that simple cleaning shouldn't necessarily fix the issue, but it sounds like the rubber does address the underlying issue, and a walkthrough regarding that procedure may useful to those of us who feel daring. especially before the new G1G1, (if we break, we can buy again!).

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