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One Laptop Per Child in a village-school in Kachila, southwest Nepal

From Niels Jacobsen, Danisk Volonteer        

google translation :

________________________________________ In nov.2011 on my trip to Nepal, I got involved with OLPC ( ) in Kathmandu,Nepal , I had a very inspiring meeting with the funder of OLPC in Nepal: Rabi Karmacharya . My first vision , is to motivate for implementation of OLPC / ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD ( - in a Nepal schoolprojects – the new village school of Kachila, 11 km from Tulsipur, Dang province, southwest Nepal.

Few years ago opened this village school in Kachila, donated by a Danish NGO,  Seniores without Borders ( )

The school is 137 children from surrounding villages, some have 1 ½ hour walk to school. There are from preschool through 6th.The small school consists of 2 two-storey buildings, and the students sitting near the straw mats on the floor. The only furniture is a black-painted plate, which acts as a blackboard.

The children come from Tharufamilier. Tharus, 6.6% of Nepal's population is an ethnic group with its own language and culture. Because Tharus were illiterate and had no paper on their land, many of them cheated ground and ended up as debt slaves. My blog google translation:

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