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Twext es un idea para ayudarnos a aprender lenguajes.
twext     is   an   idea    to       help us          to learn          languages
El software Twexter ya tiene un demo que maneja
twexter software                  now  has      ¡alpha!       that   works with
el UniCode para que twexteamos en muchas idiomas.
global text       so that  we can twext             in   many        languages
So that kids  can teach kids to learn more language.
para que     los niños  pueden ensenarse         y aprender      más    lenguaje
* kids teach kids
* alpha demo
* moodle me
* mediawixi
* twext
* code
this fixed font twext 'roughly' aligns when you CTL+ or CTL- to adjust font size :)

twext destroys eyesight ?

on 29 OCT anonymous coward wrote: Wonderful! Let's give the kids a new technology that helps to make them squint and destroy their eyesight. Let's create a huge new market for eyeglasses! Wonderful!

in fact, "squinting" or refocusing may strengthen eye muscles .. Duke 13:59, 30 October 2006 (EST)

twext shouldn't blink

In the example the yellow text is flashing. This is distracting. It appears to draw attention to the yellow text. Is there a reason for this? Surely the idea is for the yellow text to be less noticeable, only looked at when needed? Is that correct?

corrected with (might not work on all monitors.. pls let me know) in this new version the twext may still be too dark, especially for younger eyes.. the old slightly flashing version is at .. thanks

or blink less

Much better, thank you. Whilst having a look at your 2B3.gif it occurred to me it might be worth trying an animated gif made such that the black text is always visible and the yellow text is off for 25 seconds then on for 5 seconds, that is, the gif would be made from two images, one with just the black letters, viewable for 25 seconds each cycle and one with both the black letters and the yellow letters, viewable for 5 seconds each cycle. Maybe not 25 seconds and 5 seconds, those are just suggestions to start some experiments. Would that help in some cases?

outputs photoshop doc lets you play too ;)
easily animate/save gif in imageready, as you like..

slow blink

here's something like you asked for:


dynamic chunks might make it a little more entertaining..
ie the twext chunk for "NO TE ESPANTAS" could
alternate between "don't be afraid" / "don't have a cow"
Thank you for providing this example.

real twext

this one works on my monitor:


but i'm not sure it'll work on your monitor.. feedback?
real twext works on static output media like dead trees,
real twext works better with young eyes, motivated to learn


many variable outputs are possible, but important?
priority focus is make twexter work to make outputs easy,
ie with chunk text input, chunkster, 
MT, CAT, after CSS output etc..

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