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11 October 2012

The download links for the -xo versions are broken. This page is pretty pointless without those links. Strictly speaking the links aren't broken: the files have been deleted from the host.

I did check the link at the top. It just goes to a general Ubuntu download with no link or instruction specific to the XO. I have in the past installed Ubuntu intrepid on the XO using "teapot's" compressed image, and the instructions here seem to follow that approach. The english language instructions require using a virtual machine and are far too complex for me to understand.

Best of all, wouldn't it be best to cooperate with Ubuntu? Shouldn't they be glad to host images that industrious XO users conjure? Ubuntu is way better than Fedora for many, so I'm surprised there is not more interest, what with nearly 2 million of these machines floating around.

As an incidental aside, it was necessary to create a temporary account to post this. This is because the web connection I have forbids downloads as well as a great deal of innocent content. Therefore I use TOR to fly under the radar. Using TOR evidently flags me as a spammer at OLPC.

Wouldn't it be easier to require a captcha for non-login posts? Now you have a garbage account on your system that may take years to be flagged as abandoned.

By the way, you may delete it immediately without bothering me - it is unlikely for me to post again, unless I encounter another pointless page.

Ah! I see you do require a captcha in addition to an account. The captcha here is almost impossible for these old eyes to read.

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