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I've been using my XO with a small 6.5watt flexible solar panel since I got it. The solar panel, from Canadian Tire, which I already owned before I recieved my XO, already came with a connector that fits the XO just fine. I believe it is a very common connector for 12V DC devices. Here is a link to the solar panel:

The panel comes with all sorts of connectors and folds up into a pouch. I use plastic suction disks from the dollar store to stick it to the inside of a window when charging my XO. Also, they used to sell a 12watt version of the same fold up panel. I'm sure there must be plenty of other places that sell thin film fold-up solar panels. islandkid 25 August 2008

You might look at this supplier Cjl 19:29, 20 April 2008 (EDT)

I have a small photovoltaic solar array purchased from of all places Costco (online). It is a 54W kit and combined with an inverter and a deep-cycle RV battery provides enough power to charge all my gadgets (laptop, phones, etc). However, this setup is far, far too bulky to travel with so I'm very keen on getting in on the XO solar project for a panel specifically for the XO. Please keep me posted on this project and feel free to hit me up for more info on my small array. -buxtor 8:31, 24 April 2008 (MST)


on alternative power sources availability

Unfortunately production capacity of dedicated XO-designed alternative power sources has been reserved for deployment in the developing world where they are most needed. Cjl
I have no access to information on any of those alternative power sources actually existing in the field. Hopefully, if they do exist, their design will be made available to all so someone can start making them. Please someone find that information and make it public. The Potenco hand charger has been demonstrated at media events and is now in a museum. Yamaplos 16:55, 24 April 2008 (EDT)
According to the undated What's New on Potenco web-site they have "recently completed extensive field research in Uganda and will soon be underway with market analysis & consumer research in Brazil, India and Kenya." This WiredMag videowas taken on-site at Potenco and posted March 31, 2008, so they still look to be actively developing this product. I'd love one, but I'd rather a kid who needed it get one first, when they are available. Cjl 18:54, 24 April 2008 (EDT)
Indeed. Sadly they do not follow publish early and often principles, even though their "mission is to make clean power universally accessible and immediately useful". They look like what I would want to be when I settle down, good funding, travel, meet interesting people. Thank you for the link. I might start working on alternators next. Looks there is a market. But I'm so bad at business... I might just end up giving my designs away so people can actually use the things. It's not just sarcasm. If I were a bit cleverer I wouldn't be making $11.50 an hour on a seasonal job. Yamaplos
You might find work done by user:arjs on Cow Power of interest. Cjl 17:39, 25 April 2008 (EDT)

As for solar, you've ably demonstrated on this page, nearly any G1G1 donor with a little ingenuity can assemble the necessary materials to create a roll-your-own solar solution. It doesn't have to be a cute green and white solar accessory with XO-branded logo on it and I hope you can agree that OLPC has more important things to worry about in the short term, but it's great to see hobbyists stepping up and sharing information. Cjl 19:12, 24 April 2008 (EDT)
Thank you for the compliment. I like the French for 'hobbyist', amateur, the one who loves. Yamaplos 09:19, 25 April 2008 (EDT)


the following section is for data that was published in the page
that turned out to be wrong.  Left here just for the fun to see
where we came from.

The YamaPlos Experimental Real Time XO Solar Solution, that is the ready-to-use panel that might allow you to work on an XO as long as you have it connected and there is reasonable sun (working just dandy right now in a cloudy day) will be available 2 days after I receive the plugs I ordered (if those are right :-)), for $ 28.80 to volunteer developers, plus shipping. $ 36.99 to muggles or eBay. To me, you're a volunteer OLPC developer if you have contributed to this or any OLPC wiki or News site and no one is paying you for it. I dunno if it is OK to put prices and such in this wiki - might be asked to remove that. We'll see. 100% of any profit will fund solar for developing countries. Will set up some visible accounting for that Yamaplos 15:00, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

Problems as to interpreting what is actually happening will delay responsible sales.
However, experimental setups would be available soon, on a caveat emptor basis.
It would be a Good Thing that the XO not need its current battery at all, as an option. Right now, if you pull out the battery it will not work at all when connected to the panel.
It doesn't need a battery, if running direct from the brick, but it won't work that way directly from my solar setup. So somehow the battery is getting drained partially with insufficient juice coming from the panel. Not good. Hope this doesn become the $30 solar panel that is now the $90 panel...


This section is kept only for historical reasons. Results actually were not conclusive

Sugar on solar power was recorded in the wild for the first time at 11:58 CST, April 23 2008

Yama showing off Sugar on solar and his Uruguayan yerbamate.

Second picture shows a test the day before, when the encouraging orange led came on just as the sun was about to set.

Image:yamamate.jpg Image:firstsolar.jpg.

Yamaplos 15:00, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

merge with Peripherals/Solar Panel

right now Peripherals/Solar Panel has very little useful information. Actually, Peripherals/Solar Panel should merge with this article! yamaplos 04:25, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

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