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General Editorial Guidelines

While we encourage users to troubleshoot and repair their own laptops, this guide is primarily directed at repair centers and repair people. It generally assumes that spare parts are available, time is valuable, and software problems are all repaired by re-installing the software.

The general format is supposed to be a flowchart. The problem is that a strict flowchart gets tedious (and is hard to jump into the middle of). Within each section, we try to guide the user from the simple, frequently encountered problems, to the more specific failings.

Please write assuming translation into other languages. Avoid idioms, slang terms, etc...

Proprietary Information

The plan is that motherboard repair centers will be under NDA and have access to proprietary information of Quanta Computer Inc., such as schematics and BOM (Bill Of Materials -- akin to a parts list)

This guide does include some simple motherboard repairs, which are likely to be needed and which may be performed with two soldering irons. In general, these are simple enough to be reverse engineered from the PCB. They are included for simplicity.


  • get repair centers to try this out and see if it's helpful
  • get support gang to test it
  • look for things that aren't covered, but beware proprietary information (for example: specific motherboard issues)
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