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B4/Trial-2 Release Notes for TamTam activities

TamTam includes four activities: miniTamTam, TamTamJam, TamTam Edit, and synthLab.
  • Microphone recording fully functional in TamTamJam
    • Do NOT suspend the XO while using TamTam. A very unpleasant sound will result when you resume. This problem will be fixed in Trial-3.
    • Occasionally TamTam will not restart when you have just quit it. Allow up to 20 seconds between launches.
General recommendations 
What follows is a series of considerations and suggestions about TamTam.
  • Do play around with the properties window. It allows to change individual sounds, full tracks or full pages.
  • Do play with the Generation window. Its a little obscure presently but it can generate quite extraordinary music.
  • Do try a lot of different instruments.
  • Do experiment with synthLab. Its a little complicated for kids presently and needs to have complete sound design tutorials but an adult should be able to figure it out. The keyboard works the same way it does in miniTamTam.
  • There is a quantizing sequence recorder in miniTamTam. Left-click on the record button will start recording on the next down beat and keep going until the drumloop has completed a full cycle. Right click allows you to record on top with another track. Note: the drum has to be playing for the sequencer to work.
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