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An overview of how to use bunzip2, shamelessly cut and reformatted from Sathya Says -- if you find this useful, thank the original author.


For extracting archives, this command is useful for extracting to directories other than the home directory, where root privileges are required

  • XO files downloaded via browse go into the journal, not the filesystem. As such, they're not named with normal extensions. How does tar/bzip/gzip work here?


For GZipped files(.tar.gz extension)

tar xvfz <archive-name>

Eg: If the archive name is some-file.tar.gz, then the command will be

tar xvfz some-file.tar.gz

For Bzipped files (.tar.bz2 extension)

First, unzip the archive using

bunzip2 <archive-name>

Then untar using the command

tar xvf <archive-name> 

Eg: If the archive is some-file.tar.bz2 then first unzip it using

bunzip some-file.tar.bz2

You’ll get the file some-file.tar. Next untar it using

tar xvf some-file.tar
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