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Teacher Preparation Workshop on XO Laptop

Mehfooz Shahid Model School, Rural Area Pind Malkan, Islamabad.

April 12,24- 2008

Dr. Habib Khan, EdD (Harvard)

Time Required= 33 working hours
Objective Content Working Method Expected Outcome
1 To Refresh teachers knowledge about problems in school education in developing countries
Time=1.5 hrs
Problem and issues of education in Pakistan with special reference to quantitative aspects of schooling Presentation and Discussion Teacher learn about what causes poor quality of education.
2 To provide insight into constructivist theory of learning
Time=1.5 hrs
Different methods of learning with focus on Piagets and Seymour Papert’s approach to learning Presentation; group work; discussion Knowledge about learning methodologies and constructionists theory
3 To enable the teacher explore and know OLPC
Time= 3 hrs
  1. Open and Close XO
  2. Know different parts of XO
    • Antenna
    • Jacks
    • Screen and how it rotates
    • Charge the battery
    • Changing the battery
    • The Keyboard
  3. Switching between languages
  4. Different Views of OLPC
  5. Home view
  6. Groups view
  7. Neighborhood view
  8. Caring, cleaning for XO -screen
Hands On Teachers has practical knowledge of OLPC
4 To enable the teacher to use Activities of OLPC
Time= 6 Hrs
Activities on OLPC Teachers can use OLPC with confidence
1. Quran: Read and Recite Individual Activity Teachers can use OLPC for Islamic Studies
2. Trana (National Anthem of Pakistan) Group Activity Teacher can compose in Tam Tam and explain the lyrics
3. Write Individual Activity
4. Calculate Individual Activity
5. Using Camera and Recording: Audio/Video Group Activity
6. Speak Individual Activity
7. Paint Individual Activity
Time = 1.5 hrs Network Activities
1. Different Views: Home Group Activity Teacher can connect to Neighbor and Share activities
2. Group
3. Neighbor
4. Sharing Activities
5. Chat
6. Explore School Bag Activity (Grade IV Text Books)
Time= 1.5 hrs 7. Tam Tam Bundle- Introduction - focus on one
8. Browse Individual/Group Activity Teacher would be able to guide children to browse internet
Time= 3 Hrs 9. Turtle Art Individual/Group Activity Teacher would be able to guide children to use Turtle
Time= 3 hrs 10. Etoys Individual/Group Activity Teacher is confident to assist children to use Etoys
Time= 10 minutes 11. Measure- Acoustic Tape. User to Explore Group Activity Teacher will have better concept of aerial measurement
5 To enable teacher master all activities on OLPC
Time= 4 hrs
Practice; exercises on each activity Hands-on Teacher have mastery over using every activity on OLPC
6 To enable teacher to guide children learning to learn in the light of knowledge acquired
Time= 4 hrs
Teacher identify methods of project identification and supervision of children projects Group Work Teacher becomes a facilitator of learning with OLPC
7 End of Workshop Evaluation
Time= 2 hrs
Written test & Practical Individual OLPC has knowledge about if and how much teachers benefited from the workshop. Drawbacks identified. Improved version of TPW for the next group
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