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You never know how much time someone is going to give you. So you want to have a kind of "passe=partout" document of 1 to 5 pages, with a lot of pics - as they say more and are quicker than a 1000 words, some references to international themes like the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations International Years to ride along the wings of strong groups, so parties understand this is a project that can help them to link-up with these themes. The documents have to show how your project helps THEM, what is their interest:

  1. a minister's interest is: how does this get me re-elected. Well being able to give all your kids a laptop is sure going to get you re-elected.
  2. a minister's interest is: how do I look good with these large organizations, like the United Nations, like the USA, Europe, China, ... well, giving something that links up with these Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations International Years helps them. You come with a ready cooked project, all they have to do is put their signature, give you a mandate and some seed funding.

You can be sure they're going to pass on the document and then the trouble starts. They're going to give it to people that didn't hear your elevator pitch, they're going to hammer down your nice motivational / sales pitch. So the document text should help sell / defend the project. Quite an impossible task.

What else makes a good teaser?

  1. it has to be a practical document. It has of course your contact details
  2. but also a page entitled "MANDATE", where the minister can put their signature next to yours, so when you take it back to OLPC, you have something to show as proof you actually talked to the minister and they are ready for the next step!
  3. ...

Your document will never be good for everybody: to some it will be too long, to some it won't have all the info ... . Get over it, if they are really serious, they'll contact you again. Follow-up is very important. Call them back ! I hope you have money/ressources for that and a follow-up system like google calendar with automatic reminders to you and to them.

I hope you know how the different stages in a sales process. More, contact: --SvenAERTS 23:34, 26 December 2013 (UTC)

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