Test Activities with XO Release 8.2.0-767


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Test XO Release 8.2.0-767 and activities

On 2008-10-14, Release 8.2.0 (build 767) became available as the latest stable release. This release needs to be tested with all OLPC and OLENepal acivities which are to be included in the next OLE Nepal Release: NEXO-767-2.0.


Clean install the XO-767 release. Install the activities. Pradosh has a USB key with the correct image to install. You may need to disable security with a developer key. See Pradosh for details.

Exploratory Testing

Many currently known issues are recorded in the test group release notes and/or are mentioned in the draft 8.2.0 release notes.

You should report new issues in our bug-tracking system. You can also send any issues or comments to the development list, devel at lists.laptop.org.

If you have questions, please email joe at laptop dot org. Thank you very much for your participation!!!

Test 1: Find Activity Caveats

Are there any caveats about running Activity X that everyone should know? About running it alongside (or after) Activity Y?

(e.g. the activity suffers from outdated translations, or breaks when you open a large file, or cannot be started more than once...)

Test 2: Explore the Smoke Test

Try out parts of the 1 hour smoke test that appeal to you.

(Older tests are available.)

Activitiy Testing

  • Executing the test cases and recording test results.
    • To record results on a particular test case page, click on the "Edit with form" button in the top of the page, and use the "Add Another" button just above the "Add New Results" section (i.e. at the bottom of the page).
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