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The first set of tests are those which an installer will do at a school during deployment.


Basic Deployment Test

Install NEXS from usb key

The install is done from a usb key. First, the name of the school and the network number of the server must be entered using an XO. Second, the server is booted with the usb key inserted. This will automatically install XS. Finally, the server can be accessed from the XO using SSH to perform any required system administration tasks.

Prepare usb key

  • insert usb key in XO
  • use shift+alt+neighborhood key to get shell
  • ls /media shows key (e.g. /media/7C432)
  • cd /media/7 (tab for completion)
  • ./serveridentification
  • enter school name (e.g. sanepa) and server number (written on side of server, e.g. 44)
  • enter ok
  • shutdown XO
  • remove usb key

Install XS (NEXS-0_4-1.4)

  • insert usb key
  • power up server
  • when server shuts down, remove usb key
  • power up server
  • XS is installed

Test Server using XO

  • in neighborhood, connect XO to schoolnet
  • login to server by ssh:
    • open shell (terminal activity or CTL+ALT+neighborhood)
    • cd .ssh
    • rm -rf *
    • from command line enter: ssh admin@schoolserver
    • enter password: admin
    • perform any necessary system administration tasks
    • exit
    • return to sugar (ctl+alt+home or home)
    • launch browse or firefox activity (e-paati 2)
    • do google search to verify internet connectivity
    • click on schoolserver - school home page (Moodle) should appear

Test Server with multiple XOs

  • start two XOs
    • register each XO
    • confirm that each XO can see the other in the neighborhood
    • establish each XO as a buddy of the other
    • verify that each XO can chat with the other
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