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The 100 XO/one server test will require the following equipment.

  • 100 XO laptops
  • Tables or racks - Preferably 5, but more may be needed if we cannot fit 20 XOs per table.
  • Power Strips - Depends on the size, but an absolute minimum of 20 if we get the largest size. The XO power cords are bulky and crowd out surrounding sockets, so in general we can only use one XO per two sockets. If we are using small (6 sockets) power strips, we may need as many as 34 power strips.

Hopefully, we'll have one rack/table in each of 5 rooms, so that one person per room can supervise. The XOs should be named accoring to the rack that they will be on (ex. A01, A02, A03..A20, B01, B02...).

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