The laptops will be stolen or sold off, so let's not go for an XO-XS deployment.


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SOME laptops will indeed be stolen or sold off by parents for their portion of alcohol or drugs. But if it would be 1 out of a 1000, would you find that a reason to not even consider an XO-XS deployment and allowing the educational landscape to link up with the largest educational open-source and hardware community and project every undertaken by Humanity? Remember: OLPC-XO-XS deployments are also about Linux, Open Source, Open Hardware, linking up with the Wikipedia open source initiative, wikibooks, etc. All that you cut off at the same time to a large extent.

  1. What % would you find acceptable?
    1. Peru, Uruguay, and many Island States have a 100% implementation of the XO-XServers.
      1. The reported numbers and % of stolen laptops:
      2. The reported number and % of parents that sold their kids laptops for their portion of alchohol/drugs/...:
      3. The reported number and % of kids that sold their kids laptops for their portion of alchohol/drugs/...:
  2. What is the alternative?
    1. Every kid and parent, grand parent have to figure out themselves what electronic device to buy? What would you advise: a laptop, a tablet?
    2. Doesn't it make sense to coordinate things a bit and allow people to participate in placing every month 1 massive order, in this case for a rugged open-source, open-hard ware sturdy laptop that transforms into a tablet, an ebook and a robot? That allows free video-calling between its owners? How much do families in your country spent every month on mobile phone costs for their kids? Do that times 12 and you get far beyond the [costprice of an XO].

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