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Mike Hahn, volunteers welcome!

TileGamer: Make Your Own Games

Welcome to the OLPC wiki page of www.tilegamer.com, the world's most easy-to-use game creation system. Non-programmers can use TileGamer (formerly known as Treenimation) to create multiplayer board games, as well as animated games, and programmers can add functionality to these games. Professional game developers can use TileGamer as a prototyping tool. All users can log on to www.tilegamer.com and play these games inside a web browser, or create their own games, absolutely free!

Games created with TileGamer can be converted into a Java applet and run in a web browser. Simple drag-and-drop games can be put together by non-programmers, and programmers can add functionality to these games. All games are written in a built-in scripting language called Treescript, which resembles Java. The game editor lets you switch between infix mode (like Java) and prefix mode (like Lisp, the default). The game editor compiles Treescript code into Tilegamer Intermediate Language (TIL), which is a text file. The TIL code is then loaded into memory and executed.

At runtime, the end-user runs the Java applet (or compiled Python code in the case of the XO Laptop). The game editor is written in Python, so it will potentially run on multiple platforms, such as Linux and Mac, not just Windows. The "Tile" in TileGamer indicates that most game elements are contained within the cells or tile-stacks of one or more onscreen grids. Also, all animated objects are either contained in a cell/tile-stack, or straddle the boundary between 2 adjacent cells/tile-stacks.

Older Versions of TileGamer

TileGamer is an evolution of 2 earlier project, Treenimation and Vecset. The XO version of Treenimation was called Boardwalk.

Join TileGamer

TileGamer is a very ambitious project. I could really use the help of the OLPC Developers' community to pull it off. If you're interested, please visit TileGamer, and click on OLPC Links > TileGamer > Implementation Plan > Help Wanted. At this point, the implementation phase of the TileGamer project is in its infancy. Hopefully I can ramp it up and actually start writing code in the weeks and months ahead.

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