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The management of change: what makes that some people love the changes that and OLPC XO-XS implementation bring about, what makes some are beyond cynical or down right hostile?

  1. Developmental Change
  2. Transitional Change
  3. Transformational Change <-- That's where OPC XO-XS deployments are often. However Uruguay, Peru, Rwanda, Australia, many other places have seen full or large deployments and OLPC has experience with getting over all the hurdles, it doesn't mean that for the people you're going to get aboard to get the implementation an success it's not a VERY radical change in their day-to-day way of doing. It may come as such a mind blowing, disturbing situation to some, you can talk about a truly transformational change you're asking from them: going from rote learning = an old style of dog-animal training, to putting more confidence in their students, imagine considering kids are humans ... you'll be surprised how mind blowing that is. Or as our OLPC Rodrigo ARBOLEDA sais it:


  1. as usual:
  3. ...
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