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Brightstar Upgrade

  1. Ensure you have both a power adapter and a battery plugged into the laptop.
  2. Insert the USB stick into the laptop while it is powered off.
  3. Press the Power button and then immediately hold all four game key buttons.
  4. When it says 'release the game keys', release all buttons.
  5. The laptop will give an indication of block by block writing to the NAND and should take a few minutes to complete.
  6. It will reboot when it is complete.
  7. Next, it will upgrade the open firmware.
  8. Then, it will reboot again.
  9. After a little while, it will boot up to a screen which says "Name."
  10. Hold down Alt, Ctrl, and 'mesh' (the third button along the top row that is a black disc with 8 small white dots).
  11. Hit return to get the login prompt. Type 'root', and hit return.
  12. Check the version by reading the label just above the login: OLPC Build 649 (match that against expected build number).
  13. Type 'poweroff' to shut down the laptop, package it for shipping.

Possible Errors

  1. Laptop didn't boot up to the screen saying "Name"
    • If, instead of this, you see
      1. an XO with a disk, blinking usb key, followed by a blinking wireless symbol (the wireless one will come up after the usb key is done blinking)
      2. an XO with a question mark on it, and at the top of the page it says, "activation lease not found"
      3. the XO has shut itself down.
      • This laptop has most likely not been pre-activated, so SET IT ASIDE
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