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To do


* Finish subbing repair video (follow-up --- has gone to Mel for last few bits) * Find microphone ** Test Tamtam recording capabilities for workshop (By 23rd) - there seem to be none for this build, buggy?

    • Tamtam usability documentation?

* Blag-o-matic - topics (Fridays - recurring)

    • workshops
    • Tamtam oriented
    • Record oriented

  • Stuff from Chris, Mel - what can I do?

* Contact GoogleChicago--> make Mel do this?

  • Contact educators
    • MSTE - get contacts soon (by Monday)

Some time this summer

* Outline music comp workshop * Check out the KuKu code -- not doing this

    • Create 2d tile game engine (By first week of August?)
  • Find teachers that might be interested in assigning activity/content creation as project assignments

** Teacher Jam focus.

    • Univs? See if Jerry has contacts
  • how to start a OLPC chapter
    • Scaleable start-up kit for high schools?
    • Pester IMSA about this
  • Consultant directory/tool
  • PIAB
    • follow-up from NY? Ask Seth
  • First world pilots
    • IL pilot?

** what is going on with the current bill?

Important Dates

July 23: Music Comp. Workshop
July 28: Moraine Valley thingy
Week of July 29: Teacher Jam
August 8-10: Game Jam, IMSA

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