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Learning is an essentially social process

SMS setup

SMS Server tools with playsms


/etc/init.d/sms3 stop
vim /var/log/smsd.log

  • Kannel Setup:
  • Apache setup
Follow steps: port no. 80
  • mysql server setup
  • gnokii setup Imp for configuration files /etc/gnokiirc and /home/ankur/.gnokiirc
  • playSMS
Contact here:
  • Apache---SQl--PHP Install  --Cool 

  • Motorola Phone receiving problems

School Server

  • application running on the school server. This app will listen for incoming phone message and then forward this message to one XO connected on the jabber server
  • the main concern for now is to know all the contacts connected. If your app is connected to the jabber server using a classical jabber account then if have to be subscribed to each contacts (be friend with them)

I'm wondering if it wouldn't be best to write a server component instead

  • contact are uniquely identified by their key (and their jabber ID which is a hash of the key) but they are really not human friendly so probably not convenient to be use in phone message
  • nick in jabber nomenclature.
  • be a external app connected to the jabber server using a jabber account (using Gabble)

or a component living in the jabber server what you want to do sounds like a XMPP gateway actually

  • you can't find all the contact connected to the server using a roster account

you'll just find contacts to who you are subscribed which are all the contacts currently because of the shared roster hack but it's crack and we plan to remove it soon, so you shouldn't rely on it

  • If that's an external app connected through jabber it doesn't make any difference if it's run from the server or not


  • For running on OLPC: OLPC you should consider to use presence-service
  • presence-service is a OLPC specific component on top of Telepathy connection managers

OLPC activities are suppose to use it instead of TP API directly (in most cases) see (sugar has some wrapper code for easier use)

  • Could you send a mail on sugar ML with in CC explaining what you want to do exactly?

While running sugar how to run Presence Service:

less presenceservice.lo gin ./sugar/default/logs ->>>for knowing Gabble/Salut running?

ps ax|grep telepathy or grep jhbuild


find -type f -name sierra

rpm -ql kernel

git checkpout : updates snapshot to a specific version git clean -d: delete any extra files in snapshot


  • Connect to Server
  • Get list and compare against the one in msg.
  • Send XMPP message to it.

Server Side:

Server connection

Client Side:

Application (Activity?) for sending!!!...reosurce shareable over the N/W like py msg!

And on other side,!!

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