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So I didn't start writing down things until after this week was over, in the future I'll give details by the day, but for this first update I'll just go over the major things I did over the week.

Notable activities

Played with goocanvas, as I was told it would be better for my purposes (allowing arbitrary placement and movement of widgets inside the canvas) than hippocanvas. Experimentation is [[1]], but there are some changes I haven't committed yet as well.

Switched from Subversion to Git for OpenSim, check it out [[2]]

Added most of the functionality needed for OpenSim, including:

  • support for functions like max(), min() sin(), etc.
  • support for lookup tables (so you can define a table to approximate a function you have data for, instead of using a spreadsheet or other program to derive an approximate equation from the data)
  • allow you to specify the timestep for saving the variables to a file - so you can have a very small dt for the integration but not produce giant csv files
  • Python support! Compiles the Simulator class into a python class, allows you to build and simulate models from Python thanks to SWIG
  • various autotools setup improvements - figured out how to really do conditional compilation

Played with sugar, got an activity setup using the default toolbars and a pygoocanvas

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