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September - October

  • Assisted with Ethiopian deployment, report coming soon

Week of September 1 - September 5

  • Made the Bridge activity at the Physics Jam
  • Finished reverting to old gstreamer and Record versions to close 3 blocking bugs
  • Polished some packaging work
  • ticket #8022: Fixed an X server crash
  • ticket #8289: Fixed an X server performance regression
  • ticket #8075: some more dieting
  • ticket #7415: fixed the "access points appear twice" bug
  • Ran the smoke test on build 712 for Ethiopia
  • Extensively tested Ethiopia's Amharic keyboard
  • Assisted the Ethiopian deployment team with some technical issues

Week of August 25 - August 29

  • Worked on various wireless issues
  • ticket #6929: finished Sugar licensing info
  • ticket #8104: diagnosed a connectivity problem
  • ticket #7612: fixed an X rendering issue
  • Finalized my work and testing on various 8.2 blocking bugs from previous weeks

Week of August 18 - August 22

Week of August 11 - August 15

  • ticket #7603: continued working on joyride audio regression, mostly wrapping up now
  • ticket #7452: fixed a bug in Record that would have been contributing to the "can't record twice" problem, but this still didn't fix it.
  • ticket #7919: helped Kim and Martin diagnose a datastore backup failure
  • ticket #7941: fixed the datastore restore functionality on the school server
  • ticket #7925: disabled totem visualization again
  • ticket #7979: found and assisted debugging of an activity updater issue
  • Installed Fedora 9 on a 4GB SD card and noted the required steps to make it boot on an XO. Started scripting the procedure.

Week of August 4 - August 8

  • ticket #7603: continued working on joyride audio regression, including patching hal to reduce battery polling
  • ticket #7825: diagnosed a failure of the XO to connect to a specific access point
  • ticket #7452: fixed a gstreamer bug preventing Record from saving multiple videos, but record is still broken :(
  • ticket #7787: readded SDL_mixer to the build to fix various activity launch problems
  • ticket #7467: worked on reviving the Measure activity, partially blocked by a sugar bug (ticket #7856)

Week of July 28 - August 1

  • ticket #7615: readded poppler to the build to fix the Read activity
  • ticket #1286: removed Numeric from joyride, obsoleted by numpy
  • ticket #7614: worked with csound upstream to fix an instrument parsing bug and produce a new release
  • ticket #7603: continued debugging of joyride audio regression
  • Coordinated with TamTam upstream to produce new activity releases, fixing bugs found in previous weeks
  • Worked with Charlie from QA to test installation of the latest school server build XS-165

Week of July 21 - July 25

  • ticket #5907: implemented a Journal nicety - clicking on previews resumes the activity
  • ticket #7319: diagnosed and fixed the problem preventing multicast (simple mesh presence is fixed as a result)
  • Continued working with TamTam and csound developers to get things back into shape.
  • ticket #7603: discovered that the cause for TamTam audio performance regression is due to the kernel upgrade
  • ticket #7353: pushed my work from the last 2 weeks into Fedora, and implemented some further slimming (pam to remove cracklib, and xorg-x11-utils to remove mesa)
  • ticket #7617: fixed a keyboard regression that snuck into joyride
  • ticket #7615: started work on fixing the Read activity
  • ticket #7459: reimplemented picture-in-picture in video playback mode in the Record activity
  • ticket #7607: encountered and diagnosed an OpenFirmware bug causing a silent hang-on-boot

Week of July 14 - July 18

  • ticket #7319: Discovered the reason behind lack of presence on v8.2 simple mesh: multicast RX is broken
  • ticket #7506, ticket #7523: Fixed 2 sugar bugs preventing content bundle installation from working
  • ticket #7532: Implemented installation of content bundles through the journal
  • Began working on TamTam and csound which are not working at all on v8.2. I have got it running, but there is a very noticable degradation in audio performance compared to update1/708.
  • ticket #7353: Placed my work from last week in public_rpms which caused many packages to drop out of the build
  • ticket #6188: Removed mkinitrd and it's dependency chain from the build, and fixed the fallout
  • Assisted the Learning Lab by modifying 4 XOs to save screenshots on a remote server, greatly speeding up the process of creating documentation including screenshots

Week of July 7 - July 11

  • Released Record-55
  • Continued joyride tracking and testing
  • ticket #7294: contributed a patch to gstreamer which improves compatibility with webcams (allowing us to drop our modified gstreamer package)
  • Developed PolicyKit-olpc for ticket #7350
  • ticket #7353: Worked on patches for xulrunner, gnome-python2, gnome-vfs2, and totem-pl-parser.
    • These changes will remove (at least) the following new dependencies from the build: gnome-mount, PolicyKit-gnome, libsexy, hunspell-en, hunspell, evolution-data-server, gnome-keyring, libgnome, fedora-gnome-theme, nokoko-metacity-theme, metacity, control-center-fs, fedora-icon-theme, gnome-themes, gnome-python2-bonobo
  • Evaluated Charlie's QA feedback for Joyride-2128, fixing some issues and investigating + filing tickets for others.
  • Began looking into presence/collaboration issues with recent joyride builds

Week of June 30 - July 2

Continued working on Fedora 9 bug wrangling and the Record activity.

Week of June 23 - June 27

Fedora 9 has been merged into Joyride. I've spent a lot of time chasing up the appropriate people to get the fixes included in builds, and I've also been working on the following:

  • gnash crash bug (ticket #7306)
  • Reworking the capture pipeline of the Record activity, the existing pipeline was broken (we're not sure why it worked on Fedora 7).

Week of June 16 - June 20

I've spent all week fixing up various problems with the Fedora 9 (OLPC-3) stream:

  • Worked on olpc3 problems: no USB automount (#7289), can't reboot/shutdown (#7266), sound nodes not accessible to olpc user (#7302). Turns out all of these are caused by changes to the way that the HAL/PolicyKit/ConsoleKit stack works.
  • Figured out the olpc3 OV7670 (camera driver) occasional crash-on-boot bug (#7252), waiting for Jon Corbet to attempt a proper fix before I suggest that we revert to the previous state of the driver.
  • Integrated olpc-dm with ConsoleKit connector so that olpc-dm registers a session in hope that ConsoleKit can track it. However, architectural problems with olpc-dm prevent this from working properly at this stage.
  • Fixed olpc3 problem with lack of presence functionality (#7319)
  • Worked on restoring camera functionality in olpc3 (#7294)

Week of June 9 - June 13

  • Started my internship on the 11th.
  • Worked with Ankur and Chris Carrick to learn how to install the school server, and demonstrated it to the grassroots group
  • Worked on a weird sudo message in OLPC-3 (#7267) as an introduction to RPM devel/handling
  • Worked on NetworkManager OLPC-3 problems (#7271) which was non-functional
  • attacked olpc-3 keyboard problems (#5952)
  • attending grassroots jam in NY this weekend
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