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Help Documentation

I'm working on creating a format for the help activity documentation. I am going to get some materials put together to test on people at the MIT museum on Saturday.

Museum of Science

I'm trying to get content from the museum of science SJ and I should go by and visit with library people.

MIT Museum

Laptop paperwork.

Also register on network. Submit bug about browse not letting you register.


Spoke to the developer about porting the app to the XO. He's coming to MIT this fall, and is interested in doing the porting. There are licensing questions, and when he will do it questions.

Country Publicity

I need to talk to Robert about what we can make public.

List of milestones.

Familiarize myself with semantic media wiki and get a mock up on the team wiki. For SJ before wikimania.

Repair Documentation

Aditya is going to help photoshop up the the pictures that Jack and I took I have to go through them and make the framework for him to put them in.

Content Organization

I have to work with Seth on how to put together a place to have pointers to content. I have been in the ICDL meetings, and have some interesting ideas on content integration.

Discussion with Seth about "content storage" early next week.

Wiki Organization

I'm still interested in getting a semantic structure on the wiki (poke sj?)

We need form type things to encourage semantic tagging (again talk to sj, look at new activity dialogue boxes)

Math learning explorations

Conversation with Cynthia and David on Thursday

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