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About me

My name is Eduardo N.H. Silva (the non-programmer, not Edsiper).

Stuff I've been doing

Sorry, I currently don't have the time to help out much with your art needs (WAS: Feel free to request artwork from me!). Newest to last (more or less).

Differentiating between School server and Wireless Access Point

I read at Priorities-2008 that:

"MOMA animation is good to show how to get started -- specifically connecting to wifi (G1G1). The way access points are displayed doesn't give kids enough of a clue about the consequences of clicking on it -- not obvious whether it helps you get on the network, for instance."

, so here is my rough idea of improving and differentiating the random wireless access point and the school server.

Image:School server and ap.png


Activity Icons

TODO: Make these follow the new activity spec.

Image:Spoon-Sugar.svg SVG A sugarized Activity icon, representing a spoon. I will make some fine-tunes to it in the future.

Image:Activity-tuxpaint.svg SVG Image:Activity-tuxpaint6.svg SVG 2 sugarized Activity icons, painting things.

Image:Tuxpaint-pinguin-activity.svg SVG Sugarized Activity icon for tuxpaint activity.

Image:Activity-XoIRC.svg SVG My proposed icon for XoIRC


TODO: Let the etoys team do what they do best, then after the dust is settled a bit on terms on interface, suggest something similar to this.

How I think Etoys toolbar could be, to integrate a bit better with Sugar (visually but functionally as well):

Activity Toolbar:

Image:Etoys-toolbar-activity.png PNG

New Project. Next are the project navigation buttons, Previous and Next (was Next removed because there was no space left? It's a usefull button to navigate between nested projects). Next are the tools, the Paint tool and the Toolbox. Next are the configuration options, Language and Screen Size. To the far end are Load and Save, followed by Stop, following the convention of other Sugar activities.

Edit Toolbar:

Image:Etoys-toolbar-edit.png PNG

Undo/Redo, then Copy/Paste. Even if etoys right now only supports one level of undo, then so be it. Re-using the undo button to re-do an action is counter-sense. The Copy/Paste buttons are also available in every other activity, and Etoys supports it, so why not follow the convention? In my experiments, things can be dnd to the clipboard and copied, and text inside an etoys project can be copied and paste with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Books Bundles

TODO: Figure out how I could create re-usable graphical components for content bundle creators to use. Something on the lines of these, but give it more thought on what they need.

Image:Types-of-books.svg SVG A Template Book, a Reference Book, a Picture Book, and a Story Book. These could be helpfull for Book Curators to use in their website, to advertise their bundles or use them as links to their bundles. Could also be used in the initial html page of the bundle itself, to pretty them up a bit.

Translation/Multilingual/Translate icon

TODO: Figure out which context does this icon appear in, both meaningfull and visually. Then re-do it for real now (with help of other graphic arts. Doing things in a group is more interesting, a habit I must shake out a bit)

The Template:

Image:Translation-Multilingual-Translate.svg SVG With a globe:

Image:Translate7.svg SVG Totally inspired from the Language icon in OLPC Etoys:

Image:Translate9.svg SVG Image:Translation.svg SVG

Image:Translation3.svg‎ SVG

PS: There is also a language icon at Language Icon Organization

Annotation icon/logo

Image:Annotation.svg SVG

Review Squad logo

TODO: Wait out for the dust to settle with regards to the Review Squad proposal, then rethink

What comes up to your mind when you see it?).

Image:Review-Squad-logo-2.svg SVG

Reasoning: I tried to convey in a simple way what people (kids and others) being part of the review groups will be doing, which is to "stamp" their reviews (likes and dislikes) on all kinds of content done for the XO (be it software, static, dynamic, etc). While also keeping in style with the One Laptop Per Child logos at

How it could fit with the OLPC logos:


Summer of Content logos and posters


Manual stuff


Content Bundles

Musical look at waste - Instructions on building musical instruments from waste and everyday material. With permission from the author, I compiled into two installable content bundles:

Portuguese File:Olhar musical pelos residuos-1.xol
English File:Musical look at waste-1.xol

Homepage of the previous author, in Portuguese (with many instrumental information, very interesting and fun).

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