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Hi, I'm a software developer who likes to code on the go and the XO is the laptop of my dreams! I've searched for a computer like this long and far. I find the criticisms of this laptop by others to be quite ridiculous, crafted by hard headed people who can't take a few hours to get used to a new machine. This is the only computer I use. I can type just as fast as any keyboard on this thing. The user interface is amazing. I love the graphical representation of local access points/XO's and I love the journal. This computer is ideal in every way. The only bit more I can hope for now is to further improve the energy efficiency and storage capacity of the battery.

Anyway, those who can't see the potential of this thing, it is their loss.

Oh yes, and I also can't understand why people keep installing Opera? I love the stripped down web browser. Why bloat a good desktop environment? If there is a better alternative it would be Dillo ( Use elinks when images are not a concern.

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