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  • crazy-week-ahead-planning done, thanks Kim!
  • handing off support-gang capacity building work
    • Getting Frances and Sean the "using volunteers: a howto" email with pointers to individuals
    • Welcoming new volunteers I promised last week that I'd get started
    • Sending out task descript for S-G resource-making. 4 tiers; answering tickets, building resources for answering tickets (RTFM reorg), making training resources, actually training newbies
  • finishing up my g1g1 stuff, handing off
    • web site editing
    • local XO pool
    • social networking media volunteers
  • getting community test set for the week / meeting-prepped
  • reflashing 50 XOs for Joe's testbed by way of the Sugarcamp hackathon tonight


  • Country workshops
  • following up on internalwiki notes/email comments from last week's XS meeting
  • updating "my" DTS country statuses on internalwiki
  • a round of work on each of my DTS tickets
  • DTS emails
  • Ctest emails


  • Country workshops
  • writing up internalwiki notes/questions on meeting (overaching question for documentation: what is our current system for teaching countries about the support structure we have?)
  • catch up on what's happened at Sugarcamp, to prep for Thursday...


  • all-day Sugarcamp (SugarLabs + OLPC how-do-we-work-together sessions). Goal for the day: find out what we're testing for this release cycle, focus on potential opportunities/projects for Sugar test automation.
  • 5pm community testing meeting.


  • all-day Sugarcamp (SugarLabs infrastructure/relationships-with-other-groups sessions). Goal for the day: solidify plan for settling out upstream/downstream test relationships between SL, OLPC, and other stakeholders who may be present.
  • write what-I-learned report for DTS/QA.
  • weekly report
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