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  • Ever wish you had more than 24 hours in a day to code? Well, due to changing time zones, this day was 35 hours long, and I got a whole lot of coding done. I've found a solution to the 24bit/16bit surface/display problem that doesn't sacrifice performance. I'm still another day or so from complete with converting all the colorspace conversions to support surfaces of any depth.


  • Continued with converting the conversion functions to worth with any Surface.
  • Continental found my luggage, and I got my XO charger back and pulled the code I was working on on the plane off of it.


  • Jet lag finally caught me, slept most of the day.
  • Committed everything but the camera stuff to Pygame SVN. The autobuilders for OS X and Windows exposed a few bugs, which I then fixed.


  • Changed 4 more of the color conversion functions to do any bit depth.
  • Debugged a YUV to RGB color conversion issue that had escaped me before.


  • Changed the rest of the color conversion functions to handle any bit depth.
  • Updated the documentation to reflect support for non 24bit surfaces.


  • Chasing down bugs related to 8 and 16 bit surfaces in the camera module and elsewhere.
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