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This page is for the documentation of a NAND Test

Using this file booting to try to find a pattern to this #1905 we are testing the following labeled laptops:

  • D11(B4) SHF7250047E (/) no errors
  • D14(B4) SHF72500478 (/) no errors
  • D15(B4) SHF72500486 (/) no errors
  • D13(B4) SHF725004C0 (/) no errors
  • D19(B4) SFH725001DE (/) no errors
  • D18(B4) SHF7250023E (/) write Input/output error (non fatal error)
  • D16(B4) SFH72500240 (/) no errors
  • D17(B4) SFH7250023C (/) write Input/output error (non fatal error)
  • B15(B4) SFH725001C6 (/) no errors
  • B14(B4) SHF725001D8 (/) no errors
  • B16(B4) SHF72500236 (/) no errors
  • B11(B$) SHF725001D9 (/) no errors
  • Mburns SFH7050040B (/) write Input/output error (non fatal error)
  • My B2 SFH706001E2 (/) no errors


  • Untar the flie
  • Copy the /boot in a USB key
  • Plug it in a XO
  • Boot
  • Let it work till 10 or more passes
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