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I've been officially invited to speak about Wikipedia at the Club of Rome educational development event in Lagos in mid-September. We'll get to talk more about it at Wikimania, where I look forward to news from Rolando Burger about other multilingualism efforts.

I had first hear about the event when R.B. and Prof. Raoul Weiler were in Boston to meet with OLPC and the Nigerian delegation, just before I came to work here; so it shouldn't have been a surprise to see OLPC already on the program. Nevertheless, I have met these two dedicated fellows at 3 or 4 technology events before, and invited them to Wikimania last year; so I think of them mainly in that context, and I was indeed surprised. Also in Lagos for those two days : NN, Michalis, Seymour. Enough for bridge... if not a bridge across cultures.

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