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current questions

  • Of groups promoting literacy and education in africa...
    • 1. Room to Read : how extensive is their work? With what kind of followup?

Hvae they implemented any kind of analysis of the success of their projects in improving literacy or education? Are there any third-party analyses?

    • 2. NGOs : list some education NGOs working in Africa
      • more than 5 countries
      • more than 10000 schools
      • Divide into English-, French-, Arabic-, and other langs, if possible
    • 3. Nigeria : list some prominent education initiatives
    • 4. Worldwide : list online publishers of 'best of' lists of ed materials
      • ... free / free-content materials
      • ... especially for children : math, reading, geography, language
      • ... for science : lab and text materials
  • On pedagogies and curricula...
    • 1. What are the standard curricula for K-8 students in the US
      • ... for general subjects, in one or two key states
      • ... for Montessouri students
    • 2. What are the requirements (testing, coverage) mandated for all

from the perspective of homeschoolers?

    • 3. What are standard curricula for K-8 students
      • ... in Canada? in the UK?
      • ... in France?
      • ... in Nigeria? (by state; pick one)
      • ... in Thailand? (government-published texts)
      • ... in Brazil? in Argentina?
    • 4. Non-traditional pedagogies: what are the prominent schools?
      • Constructionism: list some active schools of teaching, with the closest

they have to a curriculum over the K-8 years

      • Unschooling: list some of the methods and guidelines used to keep these

programs productive, in the US and elsewhere

  • On publishers...
    • Which of the publishers coming to Frankfurt 'should' we be targeting as

potential content partners? That is, which of them might be innovative enough to want to be involved with a project such as ours that focuses on free-content licenses and broad distribution at no cost, in each target language? English perhaps being the easiest to research...

    • (target languages: English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai)


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