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some more tricky cases.


at school

  • at school 5 days a week 30 weeks a year. can come back outside of school hours another 4-5 days a month.
  • Connected to a school server > 60% of the day
  • Has ~20M of memory and ~50M of disk for transient use?
  • Has access through the school server to a shared 56k up/downlink [100 ways] for 1-2 hours a day five days a week

at home

  • every day for >8 hours
  • within 1km of a shared power source (may not be free; say a car battery multiplexer or bike generator)
  • within 300m of at least 1 other XO in 50% of cases
  • NB: not always coming back to proximity of a server in the near future.
    regularly a) not going to be in range of a server in the next few days but b) in range of another XO


  • every day for >1 hour
  • within 300m of a half-dozen XOs
    regularly not going to be in range of a server in the successive few days

school server

  • an access point for 30-100 XOs, sharing a 56k to 2mbps line
  • storage of 50-200GB for a digital library and backups
  • regularly part of a 3-server setup, one per channel
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