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About Tat

I am an IS Consultant. We purchased two XOs and currently exploring it together with my child. I am interested in getting young XO owners in the Atlanta, Georgia area to explore and learn about XO and OLPC together. I am interested in getting more involved with OLPC locally in the Atlanta, Georgia area as well as in China area. I can be contacted at "tkau" at

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A Grandparent

Recently gave two XOs to my grandchildren; they cannot get enough of them. I am interested in learning about a user group, though I am only an IIG (Information Interested Grandparent). Also noted Tallahassee is wondering if XOs have been given to U.S. school children. If programs get children and parents interested in education in Africa, it aught to work in Georgia.

About Creek View Elementary School

Creek View purchased 10 XO's as part of the G1G1 program. They arrived in August. September 19 students from two students each from the 5 grade levels gathered in the media center to share their personal discoveries with Creek View admin, parents and a local reporter. Diane Briggs, Media Specialist and Kathy Shields 3rd grade teacher hosted the event. Diane expects to pilot an XO lending program. She and Kathy also plan to share two at a time with each classroom in the school so that every child has the opportunity to interact with the laptops. The initial approach has been 'hands off'. Students have been given free reign to explore and only the simplest instructions supplied. They seem to like the idea that they need not rely on adults for assistance. Due to the present economic conditions the likelihood of purchasing and donating more xo's this year is unlikely. It will be interesting to measure student and parent impressions of the laptop over time to consider the value of providing one laptop per child even in the USA where technology appears to be plentiful.[1]

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