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Published in Rye, N.H. on the first Thursday of each month — July 2008

This Beecher eagle, now in the Portsmouth Public Library, was mounted on the Liberty Pole in the Portsmouth South End in 1824 to commemorate the Sons of Liberty and their protest of King George's Stamp Act in 1765 — "Liberty, Property and No Stamp" — ten years before the Declaration of Independence. Click here for the full story. (Jim Cerny photo)

Rugosa roses have become seaside marvels

Hearty non-native species brought to US for vitamin content

...Hank McFarland

A history lesson and tour of relocated Marston House

First Marston relative visits the old homestead, now situated in Rye

...Story Ken Palm, photos Judy Palm

New Castle's backyard hosts man and nature

A summer day at the Mill Pond where ancient dams lend special effects

...Story and photos by Bill (Pappou) Drew

Liberty Pole connects to our history of Independence

Eagles are our patriotic icons

...Jim Cerny

Sister Nina belies the popular image of a nun

Her tour in Africa: piloting a plane, held captive, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

...Margaret Carroll

Sculptors' tools restricted to imported sand, water, glue

'Japanese Garden' wins Hampton's 8th annual competition

...Judy Palm

North Conway Country Club: The views are hard to beat

Century-old course came to life when nine holes added in 1975

...Bob Dunn

Land-use history provides hints of Rye's future

Historical Society assembling fascinating 400-plus year perspective

...Alex Herlihy

Walking the Portsmouth Pocket Garden Tour

How does your garden grow?

...Jim Cerny

RYE CRISP: Rye offered Pulpit Rock Tower — free … That creeky feeling … A Webster CCRC plus … Mimi White's new book
NEW CASTLE SALTINES: Bites of Island news
CONSUMER ALERT: State seeks volunteers … Door-to-door warning

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Rained out on the holiday eve, the Rye Beach Club will display its fireworks on Saturday night, July 26. Yesteryear: On 4th Little Boar's Head held family parade ...Bill Warren (Jim Cerny photo)
  • ==The story of typing==

advice to typists

...Walter Bender





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