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Gaia Online activity


While Gaia Online is a pretty cool website, I don't think you've gone about the right way to make a Gaia-related activity. In place of a regular XO file (which has a very specific format, you seem to have uploaded an Internet Explorer bookmark that has been renamed to an XO extension; I don't think this will work on the XOs. If you really want to make a Gaia Online activity, you'll probably need to do something similar to what the Gmail (or maybe EPals?) activities do.

I've commented out the Gaia Online activity you added, for now.

And, just to be sure, have you actually checked to make sure Gaia works on the XO? As I recall, they use a fair amount of Flash on their site, which may or may not work on the XO.

Joe 13:11, 11 January 2008 (EST)

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