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  1. 3 needs more explanation. This statement does not match JoeUser's perception of the situation, so additional education will be required.

Our audience includes:

  # rubberneckers; just watching the accident as we drive by, kinda entertaining.
  # where's my XO?  potential members of the happy XO family, if we could get it to them.
  # where's the exit? previous potential members of HappyXO now looking just to get out.

We help both 2 and 3 if we can provide answers. otherwise, we're just serving #1

Most important message: if you still want an XO, we'll get an XO to you. It might take us a while, but you will not be forgotten.

Next most important message: if you no longer want an XO, we'll get you a refund. Today. Here's how:

Third message, if you're upset at us because we told you we would get it to you earlier than we could, we are sorry. we screwed up.

4th message: if you're on the fence between XO and refund, and need more information, we can't give you any at this time. you can bail now or wait a while and bail later.

IMHO: OLPC needs to make a public policy statement guaranteeing a refund to people who want one even beyond the original 30 day period. We're not in a position to force that policy.

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