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(This needs to be edited/developed -- note there are other fonts mentioned in the Devnagari articles)

Questions: So in English, you have Arial, Verdana, Times – default English fonts – if you use them in Word, and then save the word document to HTML, they transfer over – what would be the “default” Hindi fonts?

Answers: Your are right, you need Devnagari fonts. You can use Devnagari fonts for Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit language.

I am using a font called Shivaji02, which unlike most fonts found free on internet, is very phonetic and hence easy to use. Also you need not enable the Indic languages for xp and all that, causing another 10MB consumed for reading the fonts.

Only problem is that this font shows the numerics in English so I am using Shree-Dev-001 font for numbers. Sadly this font is not so phonetic and hence very difficult to learn so I could not keep one consistent font throughout the document.

Please find attached zip file of fonts. Simply unzip it and copy the fonts to C:\WINDOWS\fonts and you should be able to see Devnagari alphabets. There are a couple of other fonts for same script, if you dont want them you can just extract Shivaji02 and Shree-Dev-001. Those are the 2 you would need.

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