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This activity helps you project your XO screen on a projector via a regular computer. It will automatically launch a VNC server (X11vnc) and display the XO's IP address. You can then connect and view the XO's screen using any VNC client (e.g. UltraVNC Viewer, RealVNC, etc) running on a regular computer.

The XO (now acting as a VNC server) and the client (computer running a VNC client) must be able to communicate using their IP addresses. This often means both sides should be on the same local network.

VNC Launcher was built on top of the Terminal activity and was developed by Arnan (Roger) Sipitakiat ( arnans at and Rinda Chokate (rindar at

Please send us any comments and please feel free to make your contributions to this activity.


Please see more info on how to use VNC Launcher

Note that VNC Launcher stops accepting clients after one connection, so you may want to modify the script as follows:

replace the line

 cmd = "/home/olpc/Activities/VncLauncher.activity/x11vnc"


 cmd = "/home/olpc/Activities/VncLauncher.activity/x11vnc -many -shared"

You may want to read about other options here

In some cases in the Build8.x you will have problems starting the VNC-server from the VncLauncher-x.xo because of some "libs" are missing. To fix it, on the Terminal activity type:

 yum install x11vnc

You'll definitely have to do this if you're running release 10.1.x. Now you can enjoy your vncserver.

Starting VNC over SSH

Once VNC Launcher is installed, you can start a VNC server via SSH with the following command:

     /home/olpc/Activities/VncLauncher.activity/x11vnc -auth /var/tmp/olpc-auth/.Xserverauth -many -shared

VNC Viewer

SSVNC is an enhanced TightVNC Viewer. One of the important features added to TightVNC is software scaling on the client side. This is important if you want to see your whole XO laptop display in a cheap low-resolution projector.

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