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VO Interface Design
VO Interface Design

Creating Content


Interface Design

This is a sample of the proposed interface for the Voices interactive culture share site. Voices community members could upload video footage which would be converted to flv files for playback. The uploaded clips could either be added to a new or an existing discussion thread.

Once a clip appears within a discussion topic, users would be able to interect with it in a number of ways.


Post comments, points of discussion, or questions to the author of the clip.

Tag Clips

Insert the clip in alternate discussion threads.

Users would have the option of tagging the clip to any other thread to which they deemed it relevant. An interview with a breakdancer in Buenos Aires about her role in the context of Argentinian Dance, might be tagged to a discussion of Women in Hip Hop, or Urban Youth Cultures.


Insert subtitles onto a graphic timeline.

Voices is interested in developing software that allows for video footage to be loaded onto a simple graphic timeline onto which lines of text can be added. This is the same kind of application that might be used by teachers when preparing a video based lecture so should overlap with the code being used for that purpose.


Voices users could access the original language text and opt to translate the script line by line so that it would play in real time alongside the video footage. The translation would be collectively generated and edited - with the original author being notified of all language additions and changes to their clips.

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