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Venezuela has a very special relation to the OLPC initiative: it was in a neighbouring Columbia that in 1947, a priest named - Father José Joaquin Salcedo Guarin started Radio Sutatenza and convinced the government to give every peasant the newly invented transistor radio and to use this to distribute relevant classes and knowledge from 1947 to way into the 1980 ies to over 4 million peasants. The OLPC initiative is building upon this experience. More: skip to 04:21 and hear from the Chairman and CEO, for One Laptop per Child Association himself or at the website of the UNESCO:

República de Colombia
Republic of Colombia
Capital Bogotá
Official languages Spanish
Area 1,141,748 km²
 - July, 2005 estimate 45,600,000
 - 2005 census 42,090,502
 - Density 40/km²
 - Literacy (%) 92.5
 - Compulsory Years #NA
 - Compulsory Age #NA
 - Pop. in School Age #NA
 - Pop. in School #NA
GDP (PPP) 2005 est. USD 341.1 billion
 - Per capita USD 7,900
GDP (nominal) 2005 est. USD 97.7 billion
 - Per capita USD #NA
HDI  (2004) 0.790 (medium)
Gini Index  (2005) 53.8
Time zone (UTC-5)
Internet TLD .co
Calling code +57
More statistics...
Radio Sutatenza Father José Joaquin Salcedo Guarin and radio
Radio Sutatenza Family listening and learning
Father José Joaquin Salcedo Guarin, creator of Radio Sutatenza

The idea of ​​using radio as a medium of literacy and education in primary, secondary and high school levels was a resounding success that was soon imitated in other Latin American countries where other stations followed the concept of Radio Schools were founded, eg Radio Fe y Alegría in Venezuela and Popular Radio Schools of Ecuador.

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