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Incident Reporting


The Incident Reporting module supports VHA policy by compiling data on patient incidents. It organizes the data into defined categories for reporting and tracking at medical facility level and for transmission to the National Quality Assurance Database for Headquarters review and tracking.


  • Provides options to simplify the setup of the software.
  • Allows for the entry of all required incident information plus descriptive data and actions taken on all reportable and/or locally defined incidents.
  • Prints out a Pseudo 10-2633 Incident Worksheet.
  • Provides an ad hoc reporting mechanism that uses VA FileMan modifiers for sorting or printing the following data fields:

Patient Type of Death

Patient ID Level of Review

Date of Admission Date of Incident

Patient Type Incident Case Status

Ward/Clinic Severity Level

Treating Specialty Fall Assessment Score

Service Person Reporting the Incident

Responsible Service Patient Diagnosis

Medication Errors Medical Center Action

Case Number Incident Description

Incident Pertinent Information

Incident Location National Case Status

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