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The viewpoints expressed hereunder do not necessarily reflect the opinion of OLPC.
This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.

Since the One Laptop Per Child educational initiative is an open and free soft and hardware initiative, and an inspiring one, and a.o. because some heavy weights are behind it s.a. the UN, Unesco, UN Secretary General Ban KI-MOON and former UN SG Kofi ANAN, a lot of people have heard and know about OLPC and OLPC deployments. All aspects of OLPC and OLPC deployments are discussed, improved, etc. all the time. That's one of its strenghts, but in general a strenght of open community / open software / open hardware projects.

A lot of questions have been fired off at OLPC and the OLPC community and most have been answered by now. The interesting thing is that "people" come up with some hundreds of questions. So there are many questions, but they are not infinite, they are finite. The OLPC mgt and OLPC community are trying to inventarize, categorize these hundreds of questions together with their answers: just type "OLPC FAQ" somewhere in a search engine and you'll end up in the right place here in this official OLPC wiki.

Suggested links

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  2. What do others say about OLPC?
    1. What the UN/UNESCO say about OLPC
    2. What research departments studying the sense and non-sense of ICT in education say about OLPC
    3. Sensible criticism and unsensible, unfounded criticism, lies, trolls
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