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These are functional tests remaining for the XO 1.5 A1 and A2 motherboards.


List of Tests

XO-1.5 A1 Prototype Test Status
Subsystem Test OFW Linux Notes
Suspend/Resume 1 Y Y Basic manually triggered suspend/resume
Suspend/Resume 2 Y Y Many cycle periodically triggered suspend/resume
Storage Suspend/Resume Y Y Testing SD storage integrity
Storage Error Rate Y Y Testing SD storage bit error rate
SD/MMC Port Testing Y Y Testing SD/MMC driver on Via demo board
Video Capture Y Y Trac #9377
Lid Switch Y Y Works as input device. Haven't tested sleep/wake function.
EBook Switch Y Y ACPI sees transitions.
I2C Communications with Clock Generator Y Y decreases power consumption
EC Control of Charge Current Y Y
USB Power Y Y Trac #9366

Suspend/Resume 2 Tests

This is a repeated suspend of the motherboard, followed by a resume triggered by a asynchronous (and worst case) EC event. It performs the test using Open Firmware tests.


Obtain an Open Firmware prompt on the laptop. Type:

22 wackup-test-ec

When you have to stop the test, record the cycle number and reboot. Please record the number below, along with any information about a crash of some sort during this test.


XO-1.5 A2 Prototype Test Status
Motherboard Num. Consecutive Passes Crash ? Notes
1 448230 no crash
45 496600 no crash
43 512500 no crash
43 355500 no crash
11 150000 no crash
11 805400 no crash
31 105400 no crash
6 178000 no crash

All A2 motherboards pass at least 1000 cycles of suspend/resume testing after having the SR ECO applied.

XO-1.5 A1 Prototype Test Status
Motherboard Num. Consecutive Passes Crash ? Notes
CJB 241300 no crash consistent DCON timeouts
Isabel 24000
Isabel 19000
Isabel 196000
Graham 237000 no crash regular DCON timeouts
CJB 196000 Using 20 wackup-test-ec ! No timeouts using 19 mS DCONLOAD pulse width

Storage Suspend Test

This test exercises the reliability of an SD storage device while continually suspending and resuming the laptop.

Storage Error Rate

This test attempts to measure the bit error rate of the SD interface on the XO-1.5. The SD interface, and not the SD cards themselves, have been implicated in a number of errors across the testing of NAND storage devices on XO-1. We need to both verify that this is really the case and also verify that the SD interface on the XO-1.5 is rock-solid. I propose running the same tests on any idle XO-1.5 prototype to accumulate more data. Contact wad for an SD card and instructions if you have an A1 prototype.

EC Control of Charge Current

We need to verify that the EC can indeed modify the charge current of the laptop.

We failed this test. We can influence the charge current, but only in the wrong direction. Additional work is needed.

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