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Area 2: Incheon

This page is for high schools located in Seoul, the capital of Korea. All information about XO deployment will be posted here. Any school which has signed XO Agreement will have XO Icon Image:xo icon.jpg beside the school name.


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Contact Information with Local Educational Authorities under the Ministry of Education

School list

  1. http://gajung.cschool.net/ 가정 High School
  2. 강남종합 High School
  3. http://www.ganghwa.hs.kr 강화 High School
  4. http://web.edunet4u.net/~kanghwa/ 강화 Women's High School
  5. http://pureeyes.naool.com/gd/index.htm 검단 High School
  6. http://kyung-in.hs.kr 경인 Women's Business High School
  7. http://kaesan.cschool.net 계산 High School
  8. http://www.kyesanth.hs.kr 계산 Engineering High School
  9. http://web.edunet4u.net/~kyesan 계산 Women's High School
  10. http://www.kyeyang.hs.kr 계양 High School
  11. 광성 High School
  12. http://kanghwa.ice.go.kr/site/kyodong_m/main.html 교동 High School
  13. http://www.namincheon.or.kr 남인천 High School
  14. http://daein.hs.kr 대인 High School
  15. http://www.daehun.net 대헌 Engineering High School
  16. http://web.edunet4u.net/~duckshin 덕신 High School
  17. http://eduscape.org/dukjuk/ 덕적 High School
  18. http://www.dongsan.hs.kr 동산 High School
  19. http://dih.hs.kr 동인천 High School
  20. http://msrose.hs.kr 명신 Women's High School
  21. http://www.ims.hs.kr 문성 Women's Business High School
  22. http://moonil-g.hs.kr 문일 Women's High School
  23. http://www.munhak.hs.kr 문학 IT High School
  24. http://www.bakmun.hs.kr/home.htm 박문 Women's High School
  25. http://brmh.hs.kr 백령종합 High School
  26. http://paeksok.cschool.net 백석 High School
  27. http://bugae.hs.kr/ 부개 Women's High School
  28. 부광 High School
  29. http://bukwang.cschool.net 부광 Women's High School
  30. http://www.ibuchon.hs.kr 부천 IT High School
  31. http://www.bupyeong.hs.kr/ 부평 High School
  32. http://www.pth.hs.kr 부평 Engineering High School
  33. http://www.pupyong-gh.hs.kr/home.htm 부평 Women's High School
  34. http://www.bgmi.net 부평 Women's IT High School
  35. http://www.bgt.or.kr 부평 Women's Engineering High School
  36. http://www.samryang.hs.kr 삼량 High School
  37. http://kanghwa.ice.go.kr/site/seodo_m/main.html 서도 High School
  38. http://www.seowoon.hs.kr/ 서운 High School
  39. http://www.sic.hs.kr 서인천 High School
  40. http://suhck-ch.net 석정 Women's 종합 High School
  41. http://sunin.hs.kr 선인 High School
  42. 선화 Women's Business High School
  43. http://www.seil.hs.kr 세일 High School
  44. http://sonhwa-gch.ed.inchon.kr/
  45. http://www.songdo.hs.kr/ 송도 High School
  46. http://sdgirls.hs.kr/ 숭덕 Women's High School
  47. http://shinmyung.ghil.com 신명 Women's High School
  48. http://yeonsu.hs.kr 연수 High School
  49. http://yunsu-gh.cschool.net/ 연수 Women's High School
  50. http://yunpyung.cschool.net/ 연평 High School
  51. http://www.youngilf.hs.kr 영일외국어 High School
  52. http://www.younghwa.org 영화 Women's IT High School
  53. http://www.yewha.or.kr/ 예화 Women's High School
  54. http://iwb.hs.kr 운봉 Engineering High School
  55. http://www.un-san.hs.kr 운산 Engineering High School
  56. http://inmyong.hs.kr 인명 Women's High School
  57. http://inil.hs.kr/index.htm 인일 Women's High School
  58. http://inje.cschool.net 인제 High School
  59. http://www.inchon.hs.kr/ 인천 High School
  60. http://www.i-science.hs.kr 인천 Science High School
  61. http://www.ingigong.hs.kr/ 인천 Engineering High School
  62. http://inchunnam.cschool.net/ 인천남 High School
  63. http://www.ids.hs.kr/ 인천디자인 High School
  64. http://bakmun.hs.kr 인천박문 Women's High School
  65. http://www.ips.hs.kr/ 인천생활 Science High School
  66. 인천선화 Women's Business High School
  67. http://inchon-gh.hs.kr 인천 Women's High School
  68. http://inyeogong.cschool.net 인천 Women's Engineering High School
  69. http://www.ic.hs.kr 인천 Women's Business High School
  70. http://www.in-art.hs.kr 인천 Arts High School
  71. http://www.intec.hs.kr 인천 Engineering High School
  72. http://www.ija.hs.kr 인천중앙 Women's Business High School
  73. http://www.inchonphed.hs.kr/incheon/main.html 인천 Sports High School
  74. http://hg.hs.kr 인천 Aero IT High School
  75. http://inm.hs.kr 인천 Marine High School
  76. http://www.mars.hs.kr 인천 Marine Science High School
  77. http://www.inpyung.hs.kr 인평자동차 IT High School
  78. http://www.inpyung.hs.kr
  79. http://inha.hs.kr 인하대부속 High School
  80. http://inhang.hs.kr 인항 High School
  81. http://www.inhwa.hs.kr 인화 Women's High School
  82. http://jungseok-at.hs.kr 정석항공 Engineering High School
  83. http://www.jego.or.kr 제물포 High School
  84. http://cheil-i.hs.kr/ 제일 IT High School
  85. http://www.jigok.net/index-1.html 지곡 High School
  86. http://www.cht.hs.kr/ 청학 Engineering High School
  87. http://my.netian.com/~hakik1/ 학익 High School
  88. http://www.hakikgh.hs.kr/ 학익 Women's High School
  89. http://hanjin.hs.kr 한진 High School
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