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Yet Another OLPC: One Local e-Government Per Community.

See Overview of governmental servers; what they are for, how and by whom they are established, and other issues.

Also, see YAWL and Writing e-Government before starting to write Python codes for any governmental function.

Briefly speaking, the e-Government project of XO Korea is to establish an web-based government system commonly usable by hundreds of nations with different cultural, political, economic, and historic backgrounds.


It may need tens of years to grow hundreds of thousands of highly educated governmental officers, but, in some cases, a sophisticated e-Government system will surely provide the same (or even better) governmental services to citizens.

Furthermore, developing nations under short governmental budgets can afford to buy XO laptops for their children, by reducing governmental expenses, especially ordinary expenses such as salaries for governmental employees, those who otherwise should be newly recruited .


[Tier 1] Server No.21 통 신

XO Korea/government server/No.21 Communication/lang-ko

[Tier 2] Server No.167 정보통신

XO Korea/government server/No.167 Information Communication/lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1336 정보통신전략기획

XO Korea/government server/ No.1336 Planning IT Strategies /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1337 U-Korea 기반조성

XO Korea/government server/ No.1337 Ubiquitous /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1338 국가 CITO 역할강화

XO Korea/government server/ No.1338 National CITO /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1339 정보역기능 방지

XO Korea/government server/ No.1339 Preventing Reverse Functions of IT /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1340 정보이용 활성화

XO Korea/government server/ No.1340 Activating IT Usage /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1341 참단 인프라 구축

XO Korea/government server/ No.1341 Establishing IT Infra /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1342 IT 신성장 동력 육성

XO Korea/government server/ No.1342 Promoting IT Fundamentals /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1343 IT 산업 기반조성

XO Korea/government server/ No.1343 Promoting IT Industries /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1344 IT 인재 육성

XO Korea/government server/ No.1344 IT Human Resource /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1345 SW산업 육성

XO Korea/government server/ No.1345 SW Industries /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1346 통신서비스 고도화

XO Korea/government server/ No.1346 Communication Service /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1347 전파방송산업 육성

XO Korea/government server/ No.1347 Broadcasting Industries /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1348 전파연구기반 조성

XO Korea/government server/ No.1348 Broadcasting Research /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1349 전파관리 고도화

XO Korea/government server/ No.1349 Broadcasting Maintenance /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1350 글로벌 IT 협력강화

XO Korea/government server/ No.1350 Global IT Collaboration /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1351 IT 산업 해외진출 지원

XO Korea/government server/ No.1351 IT Marketing /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1352 정보통신 행정지원

XO Korea/government server/ No.1352 Administrative Support for IT Industries /lang-ko

[Tier 2] Server No.168 우 정

XO Korea/government server/No.168 Postal Service /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1353 우정사업 경영지원

XO Korea/government server/ No.1353 Postal Service Business /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1354 우편사업 경쟁력 강화

XO Korea/government server/ No.1354 Strengthening Competitiveness of Postal Service Business /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1355 우체국예금사업 성장강화

XO Korea/government server/ No.1355 Banking Business /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1356 우체국보험 내실화

XO Korea/government server/ No.1356 Insurance Business /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1357 우정사업 행정지원

XO Korea/government server/ No.1357 Administrative Support for Postal Service Business /lang-ko

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