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Our goal

One of goals established by OLPC Korea is to connect schools in Korea with those in Asian nations. I hope a Korean school to be an XO sponsor of One Asian school. There seems some kinds of possible partnerships.

One is that, some of XO price for students in Korea is to be given to those in developing nations. It's the most desirable one. However, the price of XO in Korea must be somewhat higher than $176.

Two is that, as the estimated life span of XO laptop is 5 years, first 3 years of its life span can be for those student in a primary school in Korea and the other 2 years can be donated to a sponsored school in an Asian nation. For example, students in a primary school located in Seoul can provide their 2 years' machine life to students in a Vietnamese school.

Another is that, OLPC Korea repurchase used XO laptops after one or two years later from their deployment in Korea, and sell those to developing nations at a quite low price such as US$30 per laptop.

We will try all of those possible methods.



Kindergartens' partnership

Primary schools' partnership

Secondary schools' partnership

Colleges' partnership

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