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Getting started with EBookReader

  • Download the .xo bundle from here, and copy it to a pen-drive.
  • Insert the pen-drive into a XO, running "Sugar" environment, based on GTK3.
  • Navigate to the pen-drive menu, and click the "EBookReader-gtk3-1.xo" bundle.
  • Voila.. the activity is installed and launched. Time to play with it :)
  • Now, a PDF or a EPUB file can also be opened directly via "Open With EBookReader" (or imported via the "My Library" tab).

Modifying book-servers configuration

  • Ensure that the "EBookReader" activity is not opened.
  • Open "Terminal" activity.
  • Open the file "/home/olpc/Activities/EBookReader.activity/GetBooksActivity/get-books.cfg".
  • Here, the servers-configuration can be managed. To test,
    • Try removing one of the pre-configured "Feedbooks" or "Internet Archive".
    • Add the following server (thanks to Sameer for providing this server for testing)
[Sameer's awesome PATHAGAR]
name = Very awesome server by Sameer
query_uri =
opds_cover = http://opds-spec.org/image

When the application is next launched, only the corresponding servers (present in "get-books.cfg") will be available for the books to be searched from.

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