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Toronto Summit/Sprint Oct 10-13th, 2015, hopefully (we shall see!) co-hosted with OLPC Canada:

US volunteers can save a lot of money flying into Buffalo, if you align days/times with others flying in similar times, to see if someone can pick you up and drop you off:

  • Saturday Oct 10th - Reflect on XSCE+IIAB+OSM Successes & Evolving Support Cycle/Needs
  • Sunday Oct 11th - Road Map XSCE 6.0 & increasing OpenStreetMap involvement! (How can we integrate BERNIE? What's the true potential of "offline" grassroots content?)
  • Monday Oct 12th - Thanksgiving Dinner! (What have we learned from XSCE 5.5's ~18 month release cycle?)
  • Tuesday Oct 13th - Canoe Home :)

Details emerging week-by-week @ http://tinyurl.com/xsceminutes


  • Tony Anderson?
  • Mark Battley?
  • Nick Doiron?
  • Sora Edwards-Thro?
  • Jérôme Gagnon-Voyer?
  • Adam Gordon?
  • Kevin Gordon?
  • Katie Henderson?
  • Adam Holt
  • George Hunt
  • TK Kang (remote attendance?)
  • Anish Mangal (remote attendance?)
  • Jennifer Martino?
  • Tim Moody
  • Christine Murakami?
  • Curt Thompson (remote attendance?)
  • Jerry Vonau?

All are welcome but please RSVP!

Contact: holt@laptop.org


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